Air Cylinder Filling

We can fill compressed air cylinders for airgun use up to a maximum of 300bar – subject to the maximum rated pressure of the cylinder and it being “in test”. If you’re unsure of the specification or test status of your cylinder, please give us a call or drop it in and we’ll be happy to help.

Partially-full cylinders (those containing 150 bar or more) can usually be filled in 10-20 minutes while you wait, while it is advisable that those that need filling from empty (or are of especially high volume) are left with us for a couple of hours or preferably longer.     

For owners of pre-charged rifles who do not have their own charging method, we also offer a rifle charging service.


We are an approved Air Arms Service Centre and can offer in-house repair of the majority of spring, CO2 and pre-charged guns.

We carry a good range of seals and spares for Air Arms and Weihrauch rifles, seals for most other pre-charged rifles (BSA, FX, Hatsan) and a selection of spares for various other brands.

We currently have the ability to test, reseal and adjust regulators in rifles from Weihrauch, Steyr and Theoben, and hope to expand this facility to other marques in the future.

If your rifle or pistol needs attention please drop it by or give us a call for impartial advice and a no-obligation quote - if we’re unable to help with your particular requirement we can often point you in the direction of an appropriate specialist.


We are able to offer a number of services for various pre-charged rifles, including:

Air Arms:

200 Series – Testing and adjustment to give correct muzzle energy, flatten velocity curve and increase the number of “good” shots per charge.

300, 400 & 500 series – Polishing of various parts to improve velocity consistency and operation, testing and adjustment to give correct muzzle energy, flatten velocity curve and increase the number of “good” shots per charge.


HW100 & 101: “Balancing” of regulator and striker settings to give correct muzzle energy throughout the operating pressure range, improve velocity consistency and maximise the number of shots per charge.

Velocity Testing and Adjustment

It is important that the muzzle energy of your rifle is regularly checked – both to ensure it is performing at its best as well as complying with the legal muzzle energy limit of 12ftlb.

We recommend that your rifle is tested (and adjusted accordingly) at least annually – a service we can provide if you do not have your own chronograph.

If you just want a couple of shots testing for peace of mind, we’re happy to oblige free of charge. Alternatively we can offer a printed 10-shot string with various additional data (average velocity and energy, extreme velocity spread, shot to shot consistency etc) with your choice of pellet for £10 – a service that can usually be carried out while you wait.

Finally we can offer a graph of velocity behaviour over a pre-charged rifle’s full charge / operating pressure range, to ascertain its ideal fill pressure and number of shots available per charge before the rifle needs refilling. This valuable (and often overlooked) process for getting the best from your PCP will require the rifle to be left with us, with prices starting at £30 depending on the capacity of the gun.

The cost of muzzle energy adjustment varies according to the rifle in question, since this process is more straightforward on some models than others – please call us for more information about your particular model.

Please note that we are legally obliged to retain any rifles we test that exceed the UK muzzle energy limit of 12ftlb – which cannot be returned until they have been adjusted (at the customer’s cost) to comply with the law.

Dealer Transfers

We are happy to received transfers of airguns from other dealers, subject to a handling fee of £25 per gun.